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2-93: Platoon Line, Squads on Line

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2-93. In the platoon line, squads on line formation, or when two or more platoons are attacking, the company commander chooses one of them as the base platoon. The base platoon’s center squad is its base squad. When the platoon is not acting as the base platoon, its base squad is its flank squad nearest the base platoon. The weapons squad may move with the platoon or it can provide the support-by-fire position. This is the basic platoon assault formation. (See figure 2-13.)

2-94. The platoon line with squads on line is the most difficult formation from which to make the transition to other formations.

2-95. It may be used in the assault to maximize the firepower and shock effect of the platoon. This normally is done when there is no intervening terrain between the unit and the enemy when antitank systems is suppressed, or when the unit is exposed to artillery fire and must move rapidly.

Figure 2-13. Platoon line, squads on line

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