Infantry Drills

2-118: Platoon Movement Techniques

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2-118. The platoon leader determines and directs which movement technique the platoon uses. While moving, leaders typically separate their unit into two groups: a security element and main body. In most scenarios, the Infantry platoon and squad are not large enough to separate its forces into separate security forces and main body forces. However, it is able to accomplish these security functions by employing movement techniques. A movement technique is the manner a platoon uses to traverse terrain

2-119. As the probability of enemy contact increases, the platoon leader adjusts the movement technique to provide greater security. The essential factor to consider is the trail unit’s ability to provide mutual support to the lead element. Soldiers must be able to see their fire team leader. The squad leader must be able to see his fire team leaders. The platoon leader should be able to see his lead squad leader.

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