Infantry Drills

2-125: One Squad Bounding

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2-125. One squad bounds forward to a chosen position; it then becomes the
overwatching element unless contact is made en route. The bounding squad can use traveling overwatch, bounding overwatch, or individual movement techniques (low and high crawl, and three- to five-second rushes by the fire team or buddy teams).

2-126. METT-TC dictates the length of the bounds. However, the bounding squads never should move beyond the range at which the base-of-fire squads can suppress known, likely, or suspected enemy positions. In severely restrictive terrain, the bounding squad’s makes shorter bounds than it would in more open areas. The destination of the bounding element is based on the suitability of the next location as an overwatch position. When deciding where to send his bounding squad, a platoon leader considers—

  • The requirements of the mission.
  • Where the enemy is likely to be.
  • The routes to the next overwatch position.
  • The ability of an overwatching element’s weapons to cover the bound.
  • The responsiveness of the rest of the platoon.

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