Infantry Drills

2-130: Mission Command of the Bounding Element

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2-130. Ideally, the overwatch element maintains visual contact with the bounding
element. However, the leader of the overwatch element may have the ability to digitally track the location of the bounding element without maintaining visual contact. This provides the bounding element further freedom in selecting covered and concealed routes to its next location. Before a bound, the platoon leader gives an order to his squad leaders from the overwatch position. (See figure 2-31, page 2-52.) He tells and shows them the following:

  • The direction or location of the enemy (if known).
  • The positions of the overwatching squad.
  • The next overwatch position.
  • The route of the bounding squad.
  • What to do after the bounding squad reaches the next position.
  • What signal the bounding squad will use to announce it is prepared to overwatch.
  • How the squad will receive its next orders.
Figure 2-31. Example of platoon leader order for bounding overwatch

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