Infantry Drills

2-156: Deploy and Report

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2-156. If the leader expects contact based upon reports, through reconnaissance, or other means, the company or platoon is deployed by transitioning to the bounding overwatch movement technique. If the company or platoon is alert to the likely presence of the enemy, it has a better chance of establishing the first visual and physical contact on its own terms. This contact usually is made by an overwatching or bounding platoon, which initiates the companies or platoons’ actions on contact. In a worst-case scenario, a previously undetected (but expected) enemy element may engage the platoon or squad. The platoon or squad in contact then conducts a battle drill for its own survival and initiates actions on contact.

2-157. In some cases, the platoon or squad makes unexpected contact with the enemy while using traveling or traveling overwatch. The element in contact or, if necessary, the entire platoon or squad may deploy using battle drills to survive the initial contact. When making unexpected contact, the platoon or squad in contact immediately sends a contact report. The most efficient way the battalion intelligence staff officer (S-2) provides situational understanding and the common operational picture (COP) to the battalion is through digital reports sent by those in contact. The Infantry company platoons and squads develop SOP utilizing the capabilities of digital reports while destroying the enemy force
and protecting the unit.

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