Infantry Drills

2-173: Main Body

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2-173. The combat elements of the main body are prepared to deploy and maneuver rapidly to a decisive point on the battlefield to destroy the enemy. The main body focuses its movement to the advance guard. The main body, remaining attuned to the advance guard’s situation, provides responsive support when the advance guard is committed.

2-174. Tasks the company or platoon can perform within the main body include—

  • Find, fix, defeat, destroy, or contain the enemy’s fixing force followed by the enemy assault force or site exploitation force, to retain freedom of maneuver for the remainder of the BCT.
  • Execute a course of action to defeat or destroy a designated enemy main bodyelement.

2-175. The use of standard formations and battle drills allows the battalion commander, to shift combat power rapidly. Platoons and squads employ the appropriate movement techniques within the company formation. Company commanders, based on their knowledge of commander’s intent and their own situational awareness, anticipate the battalion commander’s decisions for commitment of the main body and plan accordingly.

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