Infantry Drills

2-181: Reconnaissance

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2-181. All leaders should aggressively seek information about the terrain and enemy. Because the enemy situation and available planning time may limit a unit’s reconnaissance, the platoon usually conducts reconnaissance to answer the company commander’s critical information requirements (CCIRs). The use of CCIRs cover friendly forces information requirements (FFIRs), priority intelligence requirements (PIRs), and essential elements of friendly information (EEFI) when dictated by the commander. An example is reconnoitering and timing routes from the AA to the LD. The platoon also may augment the efforts of the battalion reconnaissance platoon to answer the CCIRs. Other forms of reconnaissance include maps and terrain software/databases. Updates from reconnaissance can occur at any time while the platoon and squad are planning for, preparing for, or executing the mission. As a result, the leader must be prepared to adjust his plans.

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