Infantry Drills

2-182: Movement To the Line of Departure

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2-182. The platoon and squad typically move from the AA to the LD as part of the company movement plan. This plan may direct the platoon or squad to move to an attack position and await orders to cross the LD. If so, the platoon leader reconnoiters, times, and rehearses the route to the attack position. Section leaders and squad leader know where they are to locate within the assigned attack position, which is the last position an attacking element occupies or passes through before crossing the LD. The company commander may order all platoons to move within a company formation from the AA directly to the point of departure at the LD. The point of departure is the point where the unit crosses the LD and begins moving along a direction or axis of advance. If one point of departure is used, it is important the lead platoon and trail platoons reconnoiter, time, and rehearse the route to it. This allows the company commander to maintain synchronization. To maintain flexibility and to maintain synchronization, a point of departure along the LD may be designated for each platoon.

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