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2-186: Consolidation and Reorganization

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2-186. The platoon and squads consolidate and reorganize as required by the situation and mission. Consolidation is the process of organizing and strengthening a newly captured position so it can be defended. Reorganization is the action taken to shift internal resources within a degraded unit to increase its level of combat effectiveness. Reorganization actions can include cross-leveling ammunition, and ensuring essential weapons systems are manned and vital leadership positions are filled if the operators/crew became casualties. The platoon executes follow-on missions as directed by the company commander. A likely mission may be to continue the attack against the enemy within the area of operation. Regardless of the situation, the platoon and squads posture and prepare for continued offensive missions. Table 2-7 (page 2-68) contains common consolidation and reorganization activities.

Table 2-7. Consolidation and reorganization activities

2-187. Purposeful and aggressive movement, decentralized control, and hasty
deployment of combined arms formations from the march to attack or defend characterize the movement to contact. The fundamentals of a movement to contact—

  • Focus all efforts on finding the enemy.
  • Make initial contact with the smallest force possible, consistent with protecting the force.
  • Make initial contact with small, mobile, self-contained forces to avoid decisive engagement of the main body on ground chosen by the enemy. This allows the leader maximum flexibility to develop the situation.
  • Task-organize the force and use movement formations to deploy and attack rapidly in all directions.

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