Infantry Drills

2-188: Plan

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2-188. Movement to contact is one of the most difficult missions to plan. The goal is preventing a meeting engagement with the enemy. (Refer to FM 3-90-1 for more information.) Planning movement to contact allows for flexibility and promoting subordinate initiative. Planning begins by developing the concept of the operation with a focus on ultimate control of the objective, and conducting a reverse planning sequence from the objective to the LD. This is accomplished by issuing a clear commander’s intent, developing a simple concept of the operation and developing a series of decision point to execute likely maneuver options. Increased emphasis is placed on developing an aggressive and flexible reconnaissance effort linking to the commander’s PIRs, which normally focuses on locating and gathering information about the enemy’s strength, disposition, and activities.

2-189. The Infantry leader conducts information collection to determine the enemy’s location and intent while conducting security operations to protect the main body. This includes the use of available manned and unmanned aircraft assets, allowing the main body to focus on planning and preparation. This includes rehearsals on the conduct of hasty operations, bypass maneuvers, and hasty defenses. The plan addresses actions anticipated by the leader based on available information and intelligence and the conduct of meeting engagements and other anticipated battle drills.

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