Infantry Drills

2-192: Inspections

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2-192. A precombat inspection (PCI) is a formal, time-intensive inspection that is done before the mission. Its goal is to make sure Soldiers and vehicles are fully prepared to execute the upcoming mission. In general, PCIs enable the platoon leader to check the platoon’s operational readiness.

2-193. A precombat check (PCC) is less formal and more mission-specific than a PCI. Precombat checks emphasize areas, missions, or tasks required for upcoming missions. The squad and section leaders perform the PCC. It is essential that the entire platoon chain of command know how to conduct PCCs and PCIs.

2-194. The platoon leader or platoon sergeant should observe each squad and mounted crew during preparation for combat. They should conduct the inspection once the mounted section and squad leaders report that they are prepared.

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