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2-199: Maneuver

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2-199. If the security force cannot overrun the enemy with a frontal attack, the leader quickly maneuvers the main body to conduct a penetration or envelopment that overwhelms the enemy force before it can react or reinforce. The leader attempts to defeat the enemy in detail while still maintaining the momentum of advance. After an attack, the main body leader resumes the movement to contact. If the enemy is not defeated, there are three main options: bypass, transition to a more deliberate operation, or conduct some type of defense.

2-200. Main body elements deploy rapidly to the vicinity of contact if the leader initiates a frontal attack. Maneuvering unit leaders coordinate forward passage through friendly forces in contact as required. The intent is to deliver the assault before the enemy can deploy or reinforce his engaged forces. The leader may order an attack from a march column for one of the main body’s columns, while the rest of the main body deploys. The leader also can wait to attack until bringing the bulk of the main body forward. This avoids piecemeal commitment except when rapidity of action is essential, combat superiority at the vital point is present, can be maintained throughout the attack, or when compartmentalized terrain forces a COA. When trying to conduct envelopment, the leader focuses on attacking the enemy’s flanks and rear before preparing to counter these actions. The leader uses the security force to fix the enemy while the main body maneuvers to look for an assailable flank. The main body also can be used to fix the enemy while the security force finds the assailable flank. (Refer to ADRP 3-90 for more information.)

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