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2-238: Search Element

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2-238. The search element’s mission is to clear, and search the target in order to capture, kill, or destroy the targeted individuals and materiel. The search element initiates action once the outer and inner cordons are in place. The element accomplishes its mission by gaining a foothold on or in the target to clear all enemy and noncombatant personnel, and by conducting a systematic search of the target. These areas may be searched selectively (only specific rooms/buildings/blocks) or systematically (everything within a given area). Due to the split-second decisions made, it is imperative this element not only understands but also complies with the ROE.

2-239. To accomplish its mission, the search element has three primary tasks: securing, clearing, and searching the target. The search element may be task-organized into search, security, and support teams in order to facilitate mission accomplishment. All these teams understand and are prepared to assume the role of other teams in the search element.

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