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2-245: Planning a Cordon and Search

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2-245. Leaders consider numerous factors when planning and preparing for a cordon and search mission. Leaders apply the same steps used in TLP, applying the warfighting functions. When the objective of cordon and search operation is a high payoff target, planning time can be extremely limited between first receiving the mission and executing it. Given the complexity of the mission and the assets task-organized to support it, planning time may require immediate collaboration with vital leaders of all the elements, and accelerated TLP. The “civilian” part of METT-TC should be considered specifically, and interpreters added as required.

2-246. The cordon and search operation is uniquely vulnerable to time. Planning time may be short due to the urgency of conducting the operation to exploit a fleeting opportunity. While time in the objective area may be considerably longer than planned, if the search yields significant items or results in intelligence which results in follow-on searches in the immediate area. Additional time issues are those associated with the lead times necessary to request assets, such as aviation, and acquire intelligence from various agencies.

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