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2-247: Preparing a Cordon and Search

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2-247. A search can orient on people, materiel, buildings, or terrain, and involve civil police and Soldiers. Authority for search is carefully reviewed. Military personnel perform searches only in areas of military jurisdiction or where they are otherwise lawful.

2-248. Soldiers record and maintain the chain of custody for the seizure of contraband, evidence, captured enemy or detainee documents, weapons, and materiel, supplies, or other items for the seizure to be of legal value. Search teams have detailed instructions for handling controlled items. Lists of prohibited or controlled-distribution items should be widely disseminated and on-hand during a search. The unit contacts military or civil police, who work with the populace and resource control program before the search begins. Units also consider the effect of early warning on their mission, and have required interpreters provided.

2-249. A unit conducts the search at a methodical pace to help ensure success, but rapidly enough to prevent the enemy from reacting. Soldiers use only the force necessary to eliminate all encountered resistance. There should be plans for securing the search area (establishing a cordon) and handling detained personnel.

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