Infantry Drills

2-261: Main Body

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2-261. The Infantry leader organizes the main body into combined arms formations to conduct the decisive operation and necessary shaping operations. The leader aims the decisive operation toward the immediate and decisive destruction of the enemy force and will to resist, seizure of a terrain objective, or the defeat of the enemy’s plan. The maneuver scheme identifies the focus of the main effort. All forces’ available resources operate in concert to assure the success of the main effort. The subordinate unit or units designated to conduct the decisive operation can change during the course of attack. The leader designates an assault, breach, and support force, if he expects to conduct a breach operation during the attack.

2-262. If it is impractical to initially determine when or where the echelon’s main effort will be, such as during a hasty operation, the leader retains flexibility by arranging forces in-depth, holding out strong reserves, and maintaining centralized control of long-range indirect fire support systems. As soon as the tactical situation develops enough to allow the leader to designate the decisive point, the leader focuses available resources to support the main efforts achievement of its objective.

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