Infantry Drills

2-266: Control Measures for an Attack

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2-266. Units conducting offensive tasks operate within an assigned area of operation. Regardless of whether the attack takes place in a contiguous or noncontiguous environment, the commander of this area of operation normally designates control measures such as the—

  • Areas of operation for subordinate units of battalion size or larger.
  • Phase line as the line of departure, which also may be the line of contact (LC).
  • Time to initiate the operation.
  • Objective.

2-267. Infantry leaders use all other control measures necessary to control the attack. Short of the LD or LC, the leader may designate AA and attack positions where the unit prepares for the offense or waits for the establishment of required conditions to initiate the attack. Beyond the LD or LC, leaders may designate checkpoints, phase lines, PLD, assault positions, and direct and indirect fire support coordination measures. Between the PLD and objective, a final coordination line, assault positions, support by fire and attack by fire positions, and time of assault to better control the final stage of attack can be used. Beyond the objective, the Infantry leader can impose a LOA if an exploitation or pursuit is not conducted. (Refer to FM 3-90-1 for more information.)

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