Infantry Drills

2-293: Execute

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2-293. Executing an attack is a series of advances and assaults by attacking units until they secure the final objective characterizes the attack. Leaders at all levels must use their initiative to shift their main effort between units as necessary to take advantage of opportunities and momentum to ensure the enemy’s rapid destruction. Attacking units move as quickly as possible, following reconnaissance elements or probes through gaps in the enemy’s defenses. They shift their strength to reinforce success and carry the battle deep into the enemy’s rear. The leader does not delay the attack to preserve the alignment
of subordinate units or to adhere closely to the preconceived plan of attack.

2-294. The leader avoids becoming so committed to the initial plan that opportunities are neglected, and is mentally prepared to abandon failed attacks in order to exploit all unanticipated successes or enemy errors. This is achieved by designating another unit to conduct the decisive operation in response to the changing situation.

2-295. The following sequence is used to execute an attack:

  • Gain and maintain enemy contact.
  • Disrupt the enemy.
  • Fix the enemy.
  • Maneuver.
  • Follow through.

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