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2-305: Actions on the Objective

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2-305. The effects of overwhelming and simultaneous application of fire, movement, and shock action characterize the final assault. This violent assault destroys or defeats and drives the enemy from the objective area. Small units conduct the final assault while operating under the control of the appropriate echelon command post.

2-306. Mounted forces have the option of conducting this final assault in either a mounted or dismounted configuration.

2-307. The platoon leader and company commander must decide whether or not the assault element will assault the objective mounted or dismounted. Generally, if the enemy is in restrictive terrain and poses a significant antiarmor threat, the platoon assaults the objective dismounted. If the objective is on unrestrictive terrain and the enemy’s antiarmor threat is minimal, the assault element may assault mounted.

  • Mounted assault. If the platoon leader decides to assault mounted, then as soon as the BFVs assault across the objective, the rifle squads dismount to clear the objective of enemy forces
  • Dismounted assault. If the platoon leader decides to assault the objective dismounted, the platoon dismounts its rifle squads to assault the objective, and the vehicles move to support-by-fire positions. If possible, the platoon dismounts in an area that offers some cover and concealment from enemy observation and direct fire, which allows the platoon to assemble and orient appropriately. The dismount point must be close enough to the objective that the rifle squads do not become excessively fatigued while moving to the objective.

2-308. Whether assaulting mounted or dismounted, the platoon leader or company team commander designates the dismount point based on the following factors:

  • Short of the objective (near or at the assault position).
  • On the objective.
  • Beyond the objective.

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