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2-352: Consolidations

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2-352. Consolidation is the process of organizing and strengthening a newly captured position so it can be defended. Normally, the attacking unit tries to exploit its success regardless the type of assault. In some situations, however, the unit may have to consolidate its gains. Consolidation may vary from a rapid repositioning of forces and security elements on the objective, to a reorganization of the attacking force, to the organization and detailed improvement of positions for defensive missions.

2-353. Consolidation consists of actions taken to secure the objective and defend against an enemy counterattack. Leaders use TLP to plan and prepare for this phase of operation. They ensure the unit is ready to conduct the following actions that usually are part of consolidation:

  • Eliminate enemy resistance on the objective.
  • Establish security beyond the objective by securing areas that may be the source of enemy direct fires or enemy artillery observation.
  • Establish additional security measures such as observation posts and patrols.
  • Prepare for and assist the passage of follow-on forces (if required).
  • Continue to improve security by conducting other necessary defensive actions. These defensive actions include engagement area development, direct fire planning, and battle position preparation.
  • Adjust final protective fires and register targets along likely mounted and dismounted avenues of approach.
  • Protect the obstacle reduction effort.
  • Secure enemy detainees.
  • Prepare for enemy counterattack.

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