Infantry Drills

3-45: Retirement

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3-45. Retirement is a task employing to move a force not in contact to the rear. Retirement is a form of retrograde, which a force not in contact with the enemy moves away from the enemy. A retiring unit organizes for combat but does not anticipate interference by enemy ground forces. Typically, another unit’s security force covers the movement of one formation as the unit conducts a retirement. However, mobile enemy forces, unconventional forces, air strikes, air assaults, or long-range fires may attempt to interdict the retiring unit. The leader plans for enemy actions and organizes the unit to fight in self-defense. The leader usually conducts retirement to reposition his forces for future operations or to accommodate the current concept of the operation. Units conduct retirements such as tactical road marches where security and speed are the most important
considerations. (Refer to chapter 5 of this publication for more information.)

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