Infantry Drills

3-102: Remount Point

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3-102. The platoon leader selects a remount point that permits the rapid loading of the dismounted element into vehicles, while minimizing both the dismounted Soldier’s and vehicles exposure to enemy fire. He tries to locate the remount point as close as possible to his dismounted element. Squad leaders ensure that their Soldiers know the remount point location. When moving to the vehicles, the dismounted element ensures that they do not mask the BFV or ICV fields of fire.

3-103. Three remount point locations exist: near the dismounted element, near the mounted element, or between the two. Positioning the remount point near the dismounted element is preferred if it does not unnecessarily expose the vehicles to enemy fire. Based on the situation however, the platoon leader may have to accept risk and expose his BFVs or ICVs to remount his platoon. Locating the remount point near the vehicle is preferred if the area around or the mounted route to the dismounted element is exposed to enemy fire, and include a covered dismounted route back to the vehicles. The platoon leader selects a remount point between the two elements when both can reach it without unnecessarily exposing themselves to enemy fire.

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