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3-66: Strong Point

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3-66. A strongpoint is a heavily fortified battle position tied to a natural or reinforcing obstacle to create an anchor for the defense or to deny the enemy decisive or key terrain. (See figure 3-8.)The mission to create and defend a strongpoint implies retention of terrain to stop or redirect enemy formations. Strongpoints require extensive time, engineer support, and Class IV resources to construct. A strongpoint also is used to—

  • Canalize enemy forces. Canalize is a mission task in which the leader restricts enemy movement to a narrow zone by exploiting terrain coupled with the use of obstacles, fires, or friendly maneuver.
  • Contain enemy forces. Contain is a mission task requiring the leader to stop, to hold, or to surround enemy forces or to cause them to center their activity on a given front and prevent them from withdrawing any part of forces for use elsewhere.

Note. A minimally effective strongpoint typically requires a one-day effort from an engineer unit the same size as the unit defending the strong point. (Refer to ADRP 3-90 for more information.)

Figure 3-7. Primary, alternate, supplementary and subsequent battle
Figure 3-8. Platoon strongpoint battle position

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