Infantry Drills

3-85: Platoon Sergeant

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3-85. Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Establishing the platoon command post and ensures wire communications link the platoon, squads, and attached elements, if applicable.
  • Establishing casualty collection points, platoon logistics release points, and detainee collection points, and locating company level points.
  • Briefing squad leaders on the platoon command post location, logistics plan, and routes between positions.
  • Assisting the platoon leader with the sector of fire and area of operations sketch.
  • Requesting and allocating pioneer tools, barrier materiel, rations, water, and ammunition.
  • Walking the positions with the platoon leader. Supervising emplacement of squads, essential weapons, check range cards, and area of operations sketches.
  • Establishing routine security or alert plans, radio watch, and rest plans and briefing the platoon leader.
  • Supervising continuously and assisting the platoon leader with other duties as assigned.
  • Selecting slit trench location and ensuring it is properly marked.

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