Infantry Drills

3-87: Forward Observer

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3-87. The FO—

  • Assists the platoon leader in planning the indirect fires to support defensive missions.
  • Advises the platoon leader on the status of all firing units, and on the use of obscurants or illumination.
  • Coordinates with the Infantry company fire support officer, firing units, and squad leaders to ensure the fire plan is synchronized and fully understood.
  • Ensures the indirect fire plan is rehearsed and understood by all.
  • Ensures all final protective fires are adjusted as soon as possible.
  • Develops an observation plan.
  • Coordinates and rehearses all repositioning of observers within the platoon area of operations to ensure they can observe targets or areas of responsibility.
  • Develops triggers.
  • Reports information collection activities.
  • Ensures redundancy in communications.

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