Infantry Drills

3-101: Move into Position

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3-101. If the situation permits, a ground guide can be used to assist the driver. If a ground guide cannot be used, the driver moves the vehicle in, parallel to the side stakes, with the front stake centered on the driver’s station. Once the vehicle is in position, the gunner should index the range and azimuth for one of the TRPs on the range card. If the sight is aligned on the TRP, the vehicle is correctly positioned. If the sight is not aligned on the TRP, the gunner should tell the driver which way to move the vehicle to align the sight on the target. Only minor adjustments should be necessary. If the stakes are lost and the position is not otherwise marked, the vehicle is moved to the approximate location. The vehicle commander or gunner can use a compass to find the left and right limits. The vehicle should be moved if time allows until it is within 6 to 8 inches of exact position.

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