Infantry Drills

3-98: Stake the Position

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3-98. Before the vehicle is moved, the position should be staked. Three stakes must effectively mark the position as shown in figure 3-10.

Figure 3-10. Stake the position

3-99. One stake is placed in front of the vehicle, centered on the driver’s station and just touching the hull. The stake should be long enough for the driver to see it when in position. The other two stakes are placed parallel to the left track and lined up with the hub on the front and rear wheels. The stakes should be placed close to the vehicle with only enough clearance to move the vehicle into position.

3-100. The stakes should be driven firmly into the ground. Engineer tape or luminous tape can be placed on the friendly side of the stakes so that the driver can see them. A rock is placed at each of the front two corners of the vehicle to assist in reoccupation if the stakes are lost.

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