Infantry Drills

Section II: Common Defensive Planning Considerations

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3-104. Planning a defensive task is a complex effort requiring detailed planning and extensive coordination. In the defense, synchronizing the effects of the Infantry platoons and squads combat and supporting systems enables the platoon leader to apply overwhelming combat power against selected advancing enemy forces. This unhinges the enemy commander’s plan and destroys his combined arms team. As an operation evolves, the Infantry leader knows a shift to decisive and shaping operations is a probability to press the fight and keep the enemy off balance. Warfighting functions provide the Infantry leader a means and structure for planning, preparing, and executing the defense. The following
paragraphs discuss the synchronization and coordination of activities within each warfighting function critical to the success of the Infantry platoon and squad. This section also discusses urban and mountainous defensive planning considerations.

Note. To avoid redundancy, the six warfighting functions for the offense are similar to the six-warfighting functions for the defense. Commander’s intent and METT-TC determines how they are applied.

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