Infantry Drills

3-117: Mobility

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3-117. Mobility operations in the defense ensure the ability to reposition forces, delay, and counterattack. Initially during defensive preparations, mobility operations focus on the ability to resupply, reposition, and conduct rearward and forward passage of forces, materiel, and equipment. Once defensive preparations are complete, the focus normally shifts to supporting the platoon reserve, local counterattacks, and the higher headquarters counterattack or reserve. Priorities set by the company may specify routes for improvement in support of such missions. Normally, most engineer assets go to survivability and countermobility. At a set time or trigger, engineers disengage from obstacle and survivability position construction and start preparing for focused mobility missions. The platoon leader analyzes the scheme of maneuver, obstacle plan, and terrain to determine mobility requirements. Critical considerations may include:

  • Lanes and gaps in the obstacle plan.
  • Lane closure plan and subunit responsibility.
  • Route reconnaissance, improvement, and maintenance.

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