Infantry Drills

3-130: Sustainment

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3-130. In addition to the sustainment functions required for all missions, the platoon leader’s planning process includes pre-positioning of ammunition caches, identifying the positioning of company trains, and Class IV and V supply points and mine dumps.

3-131. The platoon leader’s mission analysis may reveal the platoon’s ammunition
requirements during an upcoming mission exceed its basic load. This requires the platoon to coordinate with the company to preposition ammunition caches. The platoon usually positions ammunition caches at alternate or subsequent positions. The platoon also may dig in these caches and guard them to prevent their capture or destruction by the enemy.

3-132. The Infantry company trains usually operate 500 to 1000 meters or one terrain feature to the rear of the company to provide immediate recovery and medical support. The company trains conduct evacuation (of those wounded in action [WIA], weapons, and equipment) and resupply as required. The company trains are located in covered and concealed positions close enough to the company to provide responsive support, but out of enemy direct fire. The company first sergeant or executive officer positions the trains and supervises sustainment operations with the platoon. It is the Infantry company commander’s responsibility to ensure all subordinate units know the locations of battalion combat and field trains as well as the company CCP, BAS, and medical and casualty evacuation procedures. The platoon leader’s analysis determines the measures for every mission.

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