Infantry Drills

3-174: Determine the Enemy Scheme of Maneuver

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3-174. Procedures and considerations in determining the enemy’s scheme of maneuver (see figure 3-20) include:

  • Determining how the enemy will structure the attack.
  • Determining how the enemy will use his reconnaissance assets. Will he attempt to infiltrate friendly positions?
  • Determining where and when the enemy will change formations and establish support-by-fire positions.
  • Determining where, when, and how the enemy will conduct his assault or breaching operations.
  • Determining where and when he will commit follow-on forces.
  • Determining the enemy’s expected rates of movement.
  • Assessing the effects of his combat multipliers and anticipated locations/areas of employment.
  • Determining what reactions the enemy is likely to have in response to projected friendly actions.
Figure 3-20. Example of an enemy scheme of maneuver

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