Infantry Drills

3-176: Plan and Integrate Obstacles

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3-176. The following steps apply in planning and integrating obstacles (see figure 3-22) during defensive missions:

  • Determine the obstacle group intent with the engineer platoon leader confirming the target, relative location, and effect. Ensure intent supports the task force scheme of maneuver.
  • In conjunction with the engineer platoon leader, identify, site, and mark the obstacles within the obstacle group.
  • Integrate protective obstacle types and locations within Infantry platoon defensive perimeter.
  • Ensure coverage of all obstacles with direct fires and or indirect fires.
  • Assign responsibility for guides and lane closure as required.
  • According to METT-TC, assist engineer platoons in emplacing obstacles, securing Class IV/V point, and securing obstacle work sites.
  • Coordinate engineer disengagement criteria, actions on contact, and security requirements with the engineer platoon leader at the obstacle work site.
Figure 3-22. Plans for and integration of obstacles

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