Infantry Drills

3-178: Emplace Weapon Systems

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3-178. The following steps apply in planning and integrating indirect fires (See
figure 3-24, page 3-62.):

  • Determine the purpose of fires.
  • Determine where purpose will best be achieved.
  • Establish the observation plan that includes—
    • Redundancy for each target.
    • Observers who will include the fire support team, as well as members of maneuver elements with direct fire support execution responsibilities.
  • Establish triggers based on enemy movement rates.
  • Obtain accurate target locations using organic target location devices or survey/navigational equipment.
  • Refine target locations to ensure coverage of obstacles.
  • Plan final protection fire.
  • Request critical friendly zone for protection of maneuver elements and no-fire areas for protection of observation posts and forward positions.
Figure 3-24. Integration of direct and indirect fires

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