Infantry Drills

3-182: Consolidation

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3-182. Small unit leaders plan and prepare for consolidation during TLP. The following actions are usually a part of consolidation:

  • Eliminate enemy resistance on the objective.
  • Establish security beyond the objective by securing areas that may be the source of enemy direct fires or enemy artillery observation.
  • Establish additional security measures such as observation posts and patrols.
  • Prepare for and assist the passage of follow-on forces, if required.
  • Continue to improve security by conducting other necessary defensive actions. These defensive actions include engagement area development, direct fire planning, and battle position preparation.
  • Adjust final protective fires and register targets along likely mounted and dismounted avenues of approach.
  • Protect the obstacle reduction effort.
  • Secure detainees.
  • Prepare for enemy counterattack.

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