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4-26: Messages Support Themes

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4-26. They can be verbal, written, gestured, or electronic communications supporting a theme focused on an audience. They support a specific action or objective. Messages are tailored to specific audiences. Leaders use messages to communicate clear information and, if necessary, elicit a response or change in behavior. Messages are situation and mission dependent. Command information messages convey local leaders’ policies and intent to their subordinates.

4-27. The public affairs officer develops command information and public information messages. Army public information is information of a military nature, the dissemination of which is consistent with security and the DOD principles of information. Command information is communication from the commander to help members of the command understand organizational goals, operations, and significant developments. (Refer to FM 3-61 for more information.)

4-28. Psychological messages convey specific information to selected foreign audiences to influence their perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, and behavior. The military information support planner or unit develops these messages. MISO messages and actions support themes established in the approved MISO program for that particular mission. (Refer to JP 3-13.2 and ADRP 3-05 for detailed information on MISO.)

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