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4-56: Mission and Operations

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4-56. Public affairs Soldiers accomplish their mission through public information,
command information, and public engagement. Public information focuses on informing external audiences. It primarily engages media and key audiences to convey Army and command themes and messages to global and American audiences. Command information focuses on internal audiences—Soldiers, civilians, and family members—who recognize that an informed force is a more ready, reliable, and resilient force. Public engagement places special emphasis on two-way communication with identified publics and communities surrounding military installations. It recognizes a positive rapport between the Army and its host communities is mutually beneficial, supporting the Army as an institution as well as its individual Soldiers.

4-57. Integrating public affairs with other information-related capabilities helps leaders shape the information environment, provides valuable media assessment, and counters enemy propaganda and disinformation. Public affairs operations support the leader’s development of themes and messages and collaborate with other information-related capabilities to protect OPSEC and avoid information fratricide.

4-58. Public affairs Soldiers participate in information-related capability and information integration process in the information operations element by continually assessing media information environment to determine the degree and nature of media coverage. They take steps to correct misinformation and propaganda. They also seek to leverage other information-related capabilities—such as combat camera or civil affairs operations—to provide greater accuracy, context, and characterization while informing. Additionally, public affairs operations provide reinforcing messaging for other information-related capabilities actions and the overarching strategic communication.

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