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4-66: Nongovernmental Organizations

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4-66. If present in the host nation, intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations, African Union, European Union, and others can be valuable partners for stabilization and reconstruction because of their knowledge of the local situation, ties, and experience. They may have military or nonmilitary components and will operate under their own mandates and direction. Their forces may be best suited for a relatively benign peacekeeping role and less militarily capable than U.S. Army units, but they are generally perceived as legitimate by a wide range of actors. By maintaining a safe and secure environment, nonmilitary organizations—such as the United Nations World Food Program and World Health Organization—often prove vital in providing humanitarian assistance and development. Enabling such organizations may be one of the most important stability objectives. Although U.S. forces often view nongovernmental organizations as partners to be integrated, most nongovernmental organizations prefer a clearly neutral posture and avoid being associated with any military force.

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