Infantry Drills

4-68: Area Security

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4-68. Established to preserve freedom of movement to; position fire support assets, conduct mission command operations, provide for sustainment operations, prevent threat ground reconnaissance, and prevent threat ground maneuver forces from penetrating defensive perimeters established by the platoon leader. (See appendix D, section I of this publication for more information.) Area security missions require a significant amount of time and normally operate from outposts such as a base camp or combat outposts. Like an AA or defensive strongpoint, the base camp also provides some protection because it requires all-round security. (Refer to FM 3-21.10 for more information.)

4-69. To add security, aid in information gathering and provide for a strong presence in an operation area. Security patrols and civil reconnaissance usually occur in urban areas and leaders must be aware of the ROE and the purpose of the patrol. (Refer to chapter 6 of this publication for more information.)

4-70. Establish observation posts are created for a specified time and purpose. Some observation posts are overt (clearly visible) and deliberately constructed. Others are covert and designed to observe an area or target without the knowledge of the local population. Each type of observation post must be integrated into supporting direct and indirect fire plans and into the overall observation plan. (Refer to appendix D, section II of this publication for more information.)

4-71. Checkpoints are another technique used to provide area security and gain
information. To establish a checkpoint to achieve one or more of the following: control movement, obtain information, disrupt enemy movement or actions. (Refer to appendix D, section III of this publication for more information.)

4-72. Convoy escort is a task to provide close-in protection from direct fire while on the move. Infantry forces must be augmented with additional transportation assets to carry out this mission. (Refer to appendix D, section IV of this publication for more information.)

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