Infantry Drills

4-95: Other

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4-95. Monitor compliance with an agreement involves observing belligerents and
working with them to ensure they meet the conditions of one or more applicable agreements. (See section II of this chapter for more information.) Expeditionary forensic collection missions. Involves tasked support to the collection and analysis of materials in an area of operation, applies to both IED and non-IED events. Includes collecting, identifying, and labeling portable items for future exploitation, and the collection of fingerprints, DNA, and other biometric data from nontransportable items at a scene, such as a bomb maker’s table and chairs. (Refer to ATP 2-22.82 for more information.)

4-96. Support relief operations in a foreign country using the Army to respond with a wide array of capabilities and services to aid authorities in the following types of actions: protecting public health, restoring public order, assisting in disaster recovery, alleviating large-scale suffering, and protecting critical infrastructure. (Refer to chapter 4 of this publication for more information.)

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