Infantry Drills

5-62: Designate Rally Points

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5-62. A rally point is a place designated by the leader where the unit moves to reassemble and reorganize if it becomes dispersed. It also can be a place for a temporarily halt to reorganize and prepare for actions at the objective, to depart from friendly lines, or to reenter friendly lines. (Refer to ADRP 1-02 for more information.) Planned and unplanned rally points are common control measures used during tactical movement. Planned ORP, initial rally points (IRP), and reentry rally points (RRP). Unplanned rally points are en route rally points, near side rally points, and far side rally points. Despite the different types of rally points, the actions occurring are generally the same.

5-63. Prior to departing, leaders designate tentative rally points and determine what actions will occur there. When occupying a rally point, leaders use a perimeter defense to ensure all-around security. Those rally points used to reassemble the unit after an event are likely to be chaotic scenes and will require immediate actions by whatever Soldiers happen to arrive. These actions and other considerations are listed in table 5-1 (page 5-16).

Table 5-1. Actions at rally point

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