Infantry Drills

Section VI: Linkup

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5-99. A linkup is a meeting of friendly ground forces, which occurs in a variety of
circumstances. It happens when an advancing force reaches an objective area previously seized by an airborne or air assault; when an encircled element breaks out to rejoin friendly forces or a force comes to the relief of an encircled force; and when converging maneuver forces meet. Both forces may be moving toward each other, or one may be stationary. Whenever possible, joining forces exchange as much information as possible before starting an operation.

5-100. The headquarters ordering the linkup establishes—

  • A common operational picture.
  • Command relationship and responsibilities of each force before, during, and after linkup.
  • Coordination of direct and indirect fire support before, during, and after linkup, including control measures.
  • Linkup method.
  • Recognition signals and communication procedures to use, including pyrotechnics, armbands, vehicle markings, gun-tube orientation, panels, colored smoke, lights, and challenge and passwords.
  • Operations to conduct following linkup.

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