Infantry Drills

5-101: Control Measures

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5-101. The leader who orders the linkup establishes control measures for units
conducting the linkup—

  • Assigns each unit an area of operations defined by left and right boundaries and a restrictive fire line also acts as a limit of advance.
  • Establishes a no fires area around one or both units and establishes a coordinated fire line beyond the area where the unit’s linkup.
  • Establishes a no fires area to ensure unclear air-delivered munitions or indirect fires do not cross either the restrictive fire line or a boundary and impact friendly forces.

5-102. The coordinated fire line allows available fires to quickly attack enemy targets approaching the area where the linkup is to occur. The linkup forces use the linkup points established by the leader to make physical contact with each other. The leader designates alternate linkup points, since enemy action may interfere with the primary linkup points. Control measures are adjusted during the operation to provide for freedom of action as well as positive control.

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