Infantry Drills

5-112: Lead With Tanks

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5-112. Infantry leaders may choose to lead with tanks (see figure 5-13) when—

  • There is an armored or tank threat.
  • Moving through open terrain with limited cover or concealment.
  • There is a confirmed enemy location/direction.
  • There are templated enemy antipersonnel minefields.
Figure 5-13. Lead with tanks

Note. The exhaust from an M1-series tank may reach more than 1700 degrees. Dismounted Soldiers following behind the tank must position themselves either to the side of the exhaust grill or, if they are directly behind the vehicle, at a safe distance away. Exhaust shield will overcome this problem. The shield is a critical element in tanks recovering other tanks, so they should be readily available in the tank platoons. Consideration should be given to fabricating enough for all tanks as a leader will not know when he will be working with the Infantry

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