Infantry Drills

5-127: Convoys

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5-127. A convoy is a group of vehicles organized for purposes of control and orderly movement with or without escort protection moving over the same route at the same time under one commander. (Refer to ADRP 1-02 for more information.)

5-128. The platoon conducts motor marches, usually in trucks or armored protected vehicles. Some of the special considerations may include:

  • Protection. Sandbag the bottom of non-mine protected trucks to protect from mines. Ensure crew-served weapons are manned with qualified gunners.
  • Observation. Ensure Soldiers sit facing outward and remove bows and canvas to allow 360-degree observation and rapid dismount.
  • Inspection. Inspect vehicles and drivers to ensure they are ready. Perform before, during, and after preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS). Ensure drivers’ knowledge of the route, speed, and convoy distance.
  • Loading. Keep fire team, squad, and platoon integrity when loading vehicles. Fire teams and squads are kept intact on the same vehicle. Platoon vehicles are togetherin the same march serial. Key weapons and equipment are cross loaded with platoon leader and platoon sergeant in different vehicles.
  • Rehearsals. Rehearse immediate action to enemy contact (near and far ambushes, air attack). Ensure drivers know what to do.
  • Air Guards. Post air guards for each vehicle, with special consideration on the placement of crew- served weapons.

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