Infantry Drills

Section VIII: Security

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5-129. Maintaining security is a constant theme of tactical movement. Security can prevent enemy surprise. Security requires everyone to concentrate on the enemy. Though this seems simple enough, in practice, it is not. This means leaders and Soldiers must be proficient in the basics of tactical movement. Failure to attain proficiency diverts attention away from the enemy, thereby directly reducing the unit’s ability to fight.

5-130. Platoons and squads enhance their own security during movement through the use of covered and concealed terrain; the use of the appropriate combat formation and movement technique; the actions taken to secure danger areas during crossing; the enforcement of noise, light, and radiotelephone discipline; and use of proper individual camouflage techniques.

5-131. During planning and preparation for movement, leaders analyze the enemy
situation, determine known and likely enemy positions, and develop possible enemy courses of action. After first considering the enemy, leaders determine what security measures to emplace during tactical movement.

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