Infantry Drills

6-36: Coordination

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6-36. The platoon leader must coordinate with the commander of the forward unit and leaders of other units patrolling in the same or adjacent areas. The coordination includes automated network control device information, signal plan, fire plan, running passwords, procedures for departure and reentry of lines, planned dismount points, IRPs, actions at departure and reentry points, and information about the enemy:

  • The platoon leader provides the forward unit leader with the unit identification, size of the patrol, departure, return times, and area of operation.
  • The forward unit leader provides the platoon leader with the following:
    • Additional information on terrain just outside the friendly unit lines.
    • Known or suspected enemy positions in the near vicinity.
    • Likely enemy ambush sites.
    • Latest enemy activity.
    • Detailed information on friendly positions, obstacles, and observation posts.
    • Friendly unit fire plan.
    • Support the unit can provide (direct and indirect fire support, litter teams, guides, communications, and reaction force).

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