Infantry Drills

6-5: Organization of Patrols

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6-5. A patrol is organized to perform specific tasks. It must be prepared to secure itself, navigate accurately, identify and cross danger areas, and reconnoiter the patrol objective. If it is a combat patrol, it must be prepared to breach obstacles, assault the objective, and support those assaults by fire. Additionally, a patrol must be able to conduct detailed searches as well as deal with casualties and detainees.

6-6. The leader identifies those tasks that must be or will likely be conducted during the patrol and decides which elements will perform which tasks. Where possible, he should maintain squad and fire team integrity. Squads and fire teams may perform more than one task during the time a patrol is away from the main body or it may be responsible for only one task. The leader must plan carefully to ensure he has identified and assigned all required tasks in the most efficient way.

6-7. Elements and teams for platoons conducting patrols include the common and specific elements for each type of patrol. The following elements are common to all patrols.

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