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6-65: Considerations

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6-65. Mechanized and Stryker Infantry units frequently conduct mounted patrols. The same considerations that apply to dismounted patrol apply to vehicle mounted patrols. The platoon leader should additionally consider the following:

  • Organize and orient vehicle gunners and vehicle commanders to maintain all-round security and, for urban areas, high-low security. Carefully consider leader locations in each vehicle and within the convoy.
  • Rehearse mounted battle drills, reaction to contact, roll over drills, and mounting and dismounting in contact. If water hazards are present include evacuation of the vehicle from the top hatches. Include drivers in all rehearsals.
  • Plan alternate routes to avoid civilian traffic and roadblocks.
  • Remember that four is generally the minimum number of vehicles to conduct an operation. If one vehicle is disabled or destroyed, it can be recovered while the others provide security. Unit TACSOPs determine the number of vehicles required.
  • Plan for actions required if a vehicle breaks down and has to be repaired or recovered. Review self-recovery procedures. Plan actions in case a vehicle gets stuck and cannot be recovered. Plan actions for catch-ups and breaks in contact.
  • Establish alternative communications plans.
  • Secure external gear to prevent theft.
  • Plan for heavy civilian vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • Conduct a map reconnaissance and identify likely chokepoints, ambush sites (intersections), and overpasses.
  • Plan primary and alternate routes to avoid potential hazards.
  • Drive offensively, unpredictably, but within ROE restrictions.
  • Avoid stopping; it can create a potential kill zone.
  • Learn the characteristics of the vehicle, to include how high a vehicle can clear curbs and other obstacles, its turning radius, its high-speed maneuverability, and its estimated width (especially with slat armor).

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