Infantry Drills

Section II: Patrol Preparations

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6-67. Units send out patrols under many and varied conditions on the battlefield. The specific actions taken in preparing for a patrol, while conducting the mission, and after returning to the main body will vary depending on the tactical situation. The principles, however, will remain the same. During high-intensity combat, some of the actions described below may be abbreviated. Those same actions may be executed in greater detail and specificity during stability or during support to civil authority. In general, patrol activities are more closely documented during operations in other than high-intensity combat. Patrol operations require considerable preparation before a patrol departs. The commander or platoon leader should brief the patrol leader and give him clear orders before sending him away from the main body. Patrol members should depart on patrol confident of the patrol’s capabilities. This can be understood through detailed knowledge of the mission’s task and purpose, the threats which may be encountered during the patrol, and good situational awareness.

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