Infantry Drills

6-127: Occupying the Site

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6-127. Security elements are positioned first to prevent surprise while the ambush is being established. When the security teams are in position, the support and assault elements leave the ORP and occupy their positions. If there is a suitable position, the support element can overwatch the assault element’s move to the ambush site. If not, both elements leave the ORP at the same time. (See figure 6-11.)

6-128. The main body moves into the ambush site from the rear. Ideally, the leader emplaces the most casualty-producing weapons first, ensuring they have line of sight (LOS) along the entire kill zone. Once in place, the leader locates his subordinate units to complement and reinforce the vital positions. The leader then selects his location where he can best initiate and control the action. Once on the objective, movement is kept to a minimum in order to enhance security measures.

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